Ceramic Artist


I studied ceramics, I have been working with clay for years and years, and I still feel the same!

What does ceramic art mean to me? So much. Full of emotions. There are moments of tension and hatred when I don’t want to touch this magical material again! And there are all the other moments, these thousands of wonderful moments when it is like an extension of myself.

The material’s violent distortion is clear in many of my art pieces, as a kind of struggle. This is my relation to the material… we always struggle together, always with love!

With a background of important studies in England, a lively professional career and a remarkable originality of subject matter, Christina Morali belongs to a group of contemporary artists who throughout the years have given a new lease of life to Greek Ceramics.

She was born in Athens. She studied Interior Decoration in “Athenian Technological Institute“ and Ceramic in “Hammersmith College of Art“, London, when one of her works was awarded and placed as a mural at a building in the city of London.

She started her professional career in ceramics in 1975. She creates objects and figurative compositions which are inspired by an acute need to express personal experience and feelings. In order to give this expression an autonomous shape and an artistic symbolism, she experiments tirelessly with materials, techniques, forms and meanings.

She cooperates with painters and architects.

She makes sculptural, functional and decorative ceramics.

Mostly works with stoneware clays ,fired in 1260.

She also uses porcelain and earthenware. The techniques are hand building, slip-cast and electric wheel.

Since 1997 she is also working with cast aluminum creating ojects inspired by pop art.

She was awarded 3 times in the National Ceramic Exhibition. (1st and 2nd prize, Honoree Mention).

She has taken part in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

She has made many solo exhibitions in Greece since 1977.

Founder and President for 8 years of the Union of Contemporary Ceramists in Greece.