Ceramic creative studio by Christina Morali

Christina Morali for the last 10 years teaches ceramics in her beautiful studio 23 km outside of Athens. The building is a loft surrounded by trees and flowers from the Mediterranean nature.  The studio overlooks the garden an inspiration for creating ceramics!

The lessons starts in the beginning of October and finish at the end of May, once a week for three hours. Lessons are for adults and beginners.

She aims to bring out the sensitivity that is hidden in all people and believes that all can create if they believe in themselves.  Her way of teaching is a combination of discipline and freedom.  There is no good or bad in her vocabulary.  That belongs only to the technical side of a pot.  She tries to make her students bring out their own personal touch.

The lessons include slab building, wheel, coiling and also glazing, slip trailing.  The clays she uses are mainly stoneware.  Every year there is a project at which all students work for it having a show at the end of the year.
The shows take place in special places in the center of Athens and the quality of the students works is amazing!