Collaborations with painters

In 2005 Christina Morali will start working with the Greek painter and friend Helen Taptas. Helen will transfer her work on Christina`s ceramics experimenting with new techniques and firings. Their collaboration worked for 3 years having shows in Athens, at the islands of Tinos and…


Christina Morali designed exclusively for HABITAT the well known old Greek coins. That was  during 1990 when it had just arrived in Athens. They worked together for 3 years although HABITAT collaborates with artists in several countries only for a year.

Cow parade

Christina Morali`s work was selected among other artists for the  European charity project, The cow parade. The name she gave to her cow was Miss Pinky. She was selected and produced in numbers to be sold all over the world to help earn money for…

Bouiabesse project

`I will make you a queen is a well known bar restaurant in the center of Athens.In 2018 Christina along with the owner Dimitri Litina and Kirion Kriton came up with an idea of moving a ceramic studio for a night  inside the restaurant. They…


Christina Morali worked with the designer Yannis Tseklenis during the `90 for making special ceramic items for Vedema hotel in Santorini. They were made of stoneware clay all handmade in Morali`s workshop.


Christina designed and made for Waks company ceramics which were inspired from the island of Chios. They are made from stoneware and terracotta clays.

V. & E. Goulandris Foundation

A new collaboration started with Vasili & Elisa Goulandris Foundation in Athens in the spring of 2019.  Christina designed ceramic pieces which were inspired from the foundation`s collection.

Ageliki Sfiga

Ageliki Sfiga is a piece of work which was designed by the famous Greek painter Yannis Moralis.  He was the uncle of Christina Morali and he designed it especially for her to make in clay.  It is press mould in stoneware clay.  It was designed…